Electronic Press Kit 2019

Synthpop, audio-visual collective advocating conservation of the Mexican gray wolf

The Narrative

Self-proclaimed “Aztec God of Death” and modern-day spiritual overseer for the Mexican gray wolf, Xolotl, aka Lobo, rises from the shadows blending music with visual reality. Through influences ranging from early 80’s synthpop/minimal wave to Italo-Disco, Wolf, the Musician is a modern-day synthpop audio-visual collective hailing from Alton, IL.

The aim of Wolf, The Musician is to raise awareness of the Mexican gray wolf’s current predicament. Conservation efforts are ongoing around North America to save the species, but without the help and interest of the populous, change cannot happen fast enough. Through music, Wolf, The Musician seeks to bring people together for awareness and advocacy. A portion of proceeds will go to the Endangered Wolf Center.

AC_Neon Heatbeatz (Final D. Blue).jpg

The Process

Mixed at Decade Music Studios by engineer Adam Stilson (Car Seat Headrest, HIDE, Ritual Howls, Airiel) and mastered by Jason Ward (Paul Newman, Arcade Fire, Shins) at Chicago Mastering Service, Wolf, The Musician’s first EP, Neon Heartbeatz, reveals the founder Lobo’s odyssey through time. The concept album is to be partnered with a book and subsequent B-Sides album to be released later this year.

Wolf, The Musician’s first EP, Neon Heartbeatz, reveals the story of founder Lobo’s odyssey through time.

“Press Images” Download Includes:

Three Wolf, The Musician Images (credit ADM Photography)

Two Wolf, The Musician Logo Images (Black and White Font On Transparent Background)

Neon Heartbeatz EP Album Cover Image

Contact Information

Booking and General Inquiries: wolfthemusician@gmail.com